A new era of


KINNECT is built around three principles

Connect with people & reduce loneliness.
Create safe spaces to share with loved ones.
Record precious memories along the way

What does KINNECT mean?


chosen & given family.


(connection) in relationship.

We're solving a (big) problem

The Surgeon General named the 'isolation epidemic' a matter of public health in 2023.

Our work encourages connection because loneliness can seriously affect our health.

Increases the risk of premature death by 29%.

Feeling disconnected can be life-altering. KINNECT provides private spaces for given and chosen families.

Is as harmful as smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day.

Loneliness hurts, even amidst joy. KINNECT offers a private space for vulnerability.

Loneliness increases the risk of stroke by 32%.

Life's too short for barriers. KINNECT encourages authentic engagement between families.

Costs employers an estimated $154 billion annually.

Taking care of our relationships in our personal lives helps all parts of life- it’s where your love is.

our commitment is clear


chosen & given family.


(connection) in relationship.

The modern paradox

We’re more connected yet more isolated than ever before. nearly half of U.S. adults, especially young adults, feel lonely.

Tech caused the problem AND holds the solution.

Private digital spaces are healthier than social media.

Memories and shared experiences unite us.

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Your input; Our vision.

You improve KINNECT by simply being a part of it. by sharing your family’s unique story, you teach us how we can learn and grow. we’re sending your thoughts right to the top.

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A man holding a baby on the beach.
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forgetting meaningful memories is one of life's most obvious regrets

Did you know...
Not saving meaningful memories is one of life's most obvious regrets

KINNECT is for everyone

Inclusive and diverse
For every kind of family. chosen, given, whatever.

Deeply personal
Only you and your KIN can access your invite-only spaces.

Simple yet meaningful
Ensuring everyone in your family can use it.

A cell phone with the text kinnect on it.
A cell phone with a message on the screen.
A cell phone with the message to help reduce isolation and discontification among families.

Less lonely, more connected

Family first: regular catch-ups can cut loneliness by 25%.
No age barrier: grandparent-grandchild bonds reduce loneliness by 37%, reveals UC San Francisco.
Friends to the rescue: 63% combat loneliness with friendship, notes Mental Health Foundation.
Only 53% have meaningful social interactions daily
(Cigna survey).